Marital problems

Q: My husband’s brother’s wife always tries to get free with my husband and she never puts a veil in front of him and always try to get closer to him in front of me. His family always supports her and they always say that if he will stop talking to her the family will be break. She always tries to tease me and show me that my husband should pay more attention to her and I really don’t know what to do with her and how to behave. I love my husband so much and I can’t bear any woman coming near to him. Before my marriage he was a friend of her’s because she is also his cousin but after me, he is being very limited to her and I think that lady just can’t bear him being limited to her that’s why she is trying her best to drag me away. Please give me solution. What can I do with this lady as I love my husband so much and I can’t bear that woman.


A: I am disturbed to hear of your condition. I make du`aa that Allah Ta’ala remove this difficulty from you and bless you with immense happiness in this world and the next. Aameen.

In the face of the predicament you are in, there are two aspects to understand. The first is your relationship with Allah Ta’ala which is of primary concern. The secondary relationship is that of your husband. I do understand that your relationship with your husband is indeed important but remember that your relationship with Allah Ta’ala is of utmost importance.

Perhaps this difficulty you are experiencing is actually an excuse for you to strengthen your relationship with Allah Ta’ala. Spend more of your time on the musalla making du`aa to Allah Ta’ala and begging Him to assist you in this difficulty. Be punctual on your five daily salaah and obey Allah Ta`ala in every aspect of your life. As far as your husband is concerned, show him the respect he deserves but don’t get consumed in what he is doing. Try to advise him as much as you can and leave the rest to Allah Ta`ala.

Allah Ta’ala in His kindness rewards such women abundantly. There were many women in the past who were greatly oppressed by their husbands but because of their firmness and perseverance, Allah Ta’ala rewarded them with immense rewards. Among the highest ranking women in this world and the hereafter is Hadhrat Aasiya, the wife of Fir`oun. She was oppressed and tortured by Fir`oun but she persevered and remained firm on Islam. As a result, Allah Ta’ala blessed her with such a lofty status that she is ranked among the four highest ranking women in Jannah.

Make a point of reciting the Qur’aan Shareef and making zikr at home. Daily, gather your family and read out some portion from the Fazaa’il-e-A`maal. The recitation of the Qur’aan and noble Ahaadeeth of Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) will bring about enormous barkat in your home.

Insha Allah there is hope that Allah Ta’ala will open up your husband’s mind and grant him true understanding. May Allah Ta’ala remove your worries and bless you with happiness in this world and the next.

And Allah Ta’ala (الله تعالى) knows best.


Answered by:

Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)