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i wanted to ask whether the answers on your website and sites like www.ask-imam.orgorg <> are a Shari ‘Hujat”for us to accept and act on it as it is without any futher investigations. As a friend of mine was saying that internet is not a secure means of communication. we can be reading something else than what you have u replied. its just a possibility.i would be grateful if you answer my query.



A layman is not required to investigate the basis of a ruling. This applies in virtually every field. For instance, he won’t investigate the basis of a doctor’s diagnosis or method of treatment. He merely relies on the doctor’s expertise.

The same applies in this case. When a person is confident of a reputable pious scholar’s judgment, he accepts the judgment as reliable and acts accordingly without further investigation of the proof. Yes, we do accept that the internet is not a 100% secure means of communication but it is universally accepted as a dependable means of conveying the message across. To date, we haven’t experienced any major problem regarding this form of communication.

The remarkable dependability of this tool of communication far outweighs any negligible foreboding of the concerns raised by you.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Muhammad Kadwa