My Grandmother set up a trust fund to pay for education for her Grandchildren, but that we can ask for money from at any time, and any that is not used will be shared equally between the children as they each reach 25. Three have received theirs, and two have not. I recently asked for some money from this fund, and was sent an amount, but this time I noticed the money comes through a high interest account. I do not know either whether the shares are in halal companies, but could find this out insha’Allah. The shares are not in our names as far as I understand. Can you please comment on whether or not this would be halal, if it isn’t should I deposit the cheque and get rid of it, or just pretend I never received it!

When I was young I was told that alcohol was haram, the reason being that it intoxicates a person. Making him unaware of the external world, making him loose control of himself and imparing his judgement etc. I have friends who, like many youngsters are into drugs. Recently after having found one of my most dear friends to be involved in it, really saddened me. Though he was not into some hardcore drugs, he was into marijuana or ‘weed’ as it’s commonly known. I tried to stop him but he inturn told me things like…the scientific proof of it not being an addictive substance and also of it not being haram. He said it is nowhere written that its haram. But my explanation was that it was something that makes a person unaware of what is going on and the persons brain is slowed down etc…but since I myself dint know much about the matter I could do nothing. Brother I want to know if marijuana or anyother drugs are haram in Islam, so that I could provide my friend with a suitable answer.

I am working in a Multi National Company in Northern Part of India. We, Muslims, are very less in this company. For last six months, we have been offering congregational prayers of Dhuhr, Asr & Maghrib in the canteen area. We are not using anything that belongs to the company, except water for Wudu. My boss called me last week and told that he had received complaints from some people as to people are wasting their work time in offering Namaz. He asked about the suggestions from me. I spoke to the fellow Muslims and came to the solution that we would not take break time which is permissible for 40 minutes, to compensate the Namaz time. When I suggested this to my boss, he told me that people have objections on this too; their main objection is as to why people offer Namaz in Company premises. This issue is still unsolved. We are offering Namaz as usual. Kindly tell us what is the best solution? We can leave the job immediately if our company restricts us from offering Namaz.

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