Alhamdulillah my mother is very religious. But last year she became very ill due to diabetes and had to admit to hospital in ICU ward. But Alhamdulillah she got well by the grace of Allah. But the problem is that the doctors have advised her not to fast in the month of Ramadan. Last year since she was critically ill even we did not allow her to fast. But Alhamdulillah she is keeping well now but is on daily medication and doctors advise her to eat every 4 hours failing which her sugar level may increase. My mother has been fasting ever since she can remember and now she is very upset with this as she very desperately wants to fast at least in the month of Ramadan. Request you to please remember her in your dua and kindly suggest some wazifa for me and my mother to overcome the disease or at least my mother reaches a stage even with diabetes that at least she can fast.

I live in Adelaide, Australia and it is little hard to find any shop/restaurant offering halal food here. That’s why I have some questions which I need your guidance. Question 1: Can we eat French Fries (Potato Chips) which have been fried in the same oil which is used for frying chicken (not cut in a halal way)? Question 2: Most of butcher shops over here are owned by Shias (Ahle Tashee). These people belong from Iran and Afghanistan. I would like to tell you that these people do not slaughter the meat themselves, as they say themselves, but we do not have any evidence. Can we buy meat from them or not?

I am married from last 2 years now and have no baby yet, willingly. The day we have got married my mother has got some or the other problem. We live in a two bedroom apt. I know my mother and wife’s nature, both of them love each other but my mother does not know what to say and when to say. All family members including my wife have tried to make her understand that such things do not leave good impression so should not be doing this but she does not understands this and keep on repeating the same things (e.g., taunt etc). I know place given to mother in Islam that is why most of the time I keep my calm and make my wife understand the situation. Ammi has been hurting my wife for last 2 years knowingly or unknowingly but now the situation is that my wife just cries and getting so week which is not digestible for me and I do not know what to do. Please do not advise to make ammi understand because we have done in all possible ways without success. Please pray for us, if possible tell me something to recite.

When I was not married, my sister in law had left her monthly period dirt and panty in bathroom as I was getting late for college, I had to wash all. Later when I finished taking bath she came to check if I washed it or not. After this incident my life is very difficult, most of the people hate me, there is no progress in my religious as well as worldly life. I do wudhu but cannot perform my salah. I do not have baby after 12 years of marriage. Some people tell me it was black magic by my sister in law. Please suggest me I have read many religious books and gone for taleems as well as I want to believe good or bad comes. The continuous downfall in life is making me to believe my sister in laws bad deed is stronger. How do I make my belief stronger that I perform my salah, I am staying alone in foreign country with my husband, nobody speaks to me, alone whole day since 12 years, I start my salah than I am demoralized same lonely environment and hatred from everybody.

I used to travel to my office daily from office car which come at my home to pick me at exactly same time when Zawal time ends and Zuhr salah time starts. I heard that offering fardh salah in standing position is fardh. Hence I am planning to offer only fardh of Zuhr at home and complete remaining salah in car. Is this allowed as per Islamic law? Though it is correct that I reach office before salah time ends but sometime it is difficult to go out for salah as soon as I reach office. Please advice in the light of Islam.

I have another question. I got married 3 yrs ago. At the time of my marriage I wore Sherwani of my non-Muslim friend. It was properly dry cleaned and handed over to me. Next day I wore it. But my question is that as per the Hindu religion they are all impure. And this point did not strike me in my mind. But I have to save money by not purchasing new Sherwani for myself. After all my nikah formalities done, I returned it back to my friend. Kindly advise does anything effect on my nikah. Still I am feeling very guilty.

I had a dream that I am with my eldest brother for slaughtering (Qurbani) of a goat. I saw my brother holding a knife to slaughter it but unfortunately he was putting the knife on wrong places several times. I remember that I was assisting him by shouting at him to put the knife exactly at the neck (I mean at correct place). I also remember that I wanted to slaughter that goat in place of my brother but I did not show any desire to do so because I feared that my brother will feel bad about it. As the goat was slaughtered I had seen another side of this dream that my brother (same eldest brother) is laying on ground, dead and there was blood all over his neck and some parts of his clothes and I was crying a lot in grief by putting my head on his chest. After this Fajr azan woke me up from this dream. I have written about my brother before (fatwa: B=12/1433/1517-1962). I also did istikharah 4-5 days before this dream for him for his marriage. We got a marriage proposal from a pious family.

My wife and I had a fight in which I said word talak twice. My younger sister was witness to this. This was amicably settled between us. Though I love her so much and want to spend whole life with her. Later she had a fight with me and packed her all belongings went to her parents place leaving. From there she wrote a paper note claiming that there were another three incidences apart from one above mentioned when I said word talak. One over phone but I remember that I never said that Mai tumhe talak deta hun. I just replied to her conversation that when she said that “agar etni problem hai to mijhe talak de do” to this I just replied that I am sending the divorce paper please sign. There is no one witness to this, and I never used word talak. Later she mentions in her paper note that in front of my mother I said two time talak, to which I and my mother both deny that I said word talak.

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