Assalam o Alaikum Warahmatullahe Wabarakatuhu Mofti sahb, I am in circumstances where I have to take some very important decision. The situation is that I am living in Dubai, UAE with my family. I got married in 2007 and Allah Blessed me with a daughter this year. My wife, daughter and mother all live with me here in Dubai. My father was died long back and I am taking care of my mother. As you know, due to increasing inflation it is very difficult to save some money. I could not save any single dirham for last two years since when I came here in dubai.and also sometime a satuation come that it becomes very difficylt to pass the month in my earning So I am thinking whether to keep my family here with me and keep living without saving any money and just trust on Allah that situation will get better or if I send my family back home (Pakistan), I can save reasonable amount every month. So before making the final decision, I decided to do ”Istikhara” as sunnah. Yesterday night, I abolute and offered two nawaffil and then recite dua for correct guidance from Allah SWT and then slept without talking to anybody. I saw a dream that I want you to give me ”tabeer” for. I saw that I am standing by a closed grave which is made of white marble (and I felt in dream that this is my own grave). I am dusting the grave and I am saying to my wife with so much grief that how would you live without me (meaning that when I will go into the grave). That”s it. I don”t know whether this dream is meaningful or not. Or it has any connection with ”Istikhara” but I simply request you to please guide me on this. Jazakumullaho khair.

My Name is Abdul Hannan, I marred Msmt. Rezia Begum on 31/08/08 . asper Islamic low. But her family members are not like to me. So, her family members presser to her that she take TALLAQ from me. Once she said to me ? ME AAP SE JUDA HUNA CHAHTA HO, MUJHE TALLAQ DEDO? but I Said to her by an SMS ? TUMHARE TARAH TUMHARE PARIWAR KI LUG AGOR MUJHSE TALLAQ CHAHE, TO HUM TALLAQ DENE KE LIYE RAJI HO? But her Family not Demand me for TALLAQ and I Don?t Give TALLAQ? I just give above an SMS her ? CHAH NE POR TALLAQ DENE KE LIYE RAJI HO? Kya Is se Hamare Shaadi Tyt Gaya?

Respected Usthad, I have two questions: 1. My marriage is fixed with a woman who was working in a bank without Islamic hijaab. Now she realized the mistake and decided to quit the job.I would like to know that if she offer her money which she earned through the banking job to me, can I use it?. If it is not halal, could you please suggest what are the Islamic ways of utilizing that money?. After the marriage is it halal for her to use that money for her personal needs?. Please give a detailed reply. 2. Please give the Islamic ruling on dyeing the hair of head and beard. What are the materials permitted for coloring the hair? Jazakallahu Khaira…. Abdullah

My question is a trust registered with charity commissioner as Powai Educational Trust took land on lease from landlord in Chawl and made an agreement with landlord saying they will use this as madrasa and will not built or use it as mosque. But now they are using that Chawl room as mosque. They perform namaz and also use it as a school. Now in this situation does the ruling of mosques will be applied on this place? As the whole Chawl property is going to be redeveloped. And for that the whole Chawl structures had to be demolished including this madrasa/mosque. Please guide.

Assalamualaikum,Please advise me as i am in trouble,i got married in feb 2009,i live in dubai,from april i was living with my wife in Dubai,she used to tell me that she is scared sometime,but i ignored and used to tell her that dont fear u have to make a habit and all that stuff as she have to stay alone in the house the whole day wile i am in office as we dont have any relatives here,in these 5 month her MC periods got disturbed and were irregular,for wich we went to a doctor and were using the medicine s,we were told by doctor that the period will come in 8 days after starting the medicine and it was the 7th days she didnot checked but the bleeding was just starting and we had intercourse in that without knowing,after that she got mentally disturbed and eventually i left her to hert home in india it seems a jinn asar as advised by many pf the aamils,but i couldnt tell any of them that we had that mistake,is the reason for jinn of mental ndisorder happened bcoz of that mistake please advise she is still not recoverd,wat to do. Regards,

Janab Mufti sahib, Assalam o alaikum In answer to my question no.9741 your answer was “Those who collect donations are not allowed to receive their wages on percentage basis”. As part or all of the income of madrasas is in the form of donations collected by people nominated by madrasas. Are such people allowed to be paid as expenses/wages from such collections which may include zakat. If answer is yes then what proprtion of donations collected can be paid? second question is , what is the difference between a sharia compliant musjid and another place e.g. bottom floor of a madrasa where regular 5 times prayers are offered which include friday congregation prayers ( with khutba ). Third question is , like a musjid . is the land and building of a madrasa is also a endowed propertyor not. Thanks!

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