I am a person who really loves to read, to write, to learn and to work, Alhamdulillah. When I started practicing Islam, I made a lot of effort for my religion and I became the best pupil of my Imam (my Imam has also tasawwuf Ilm). I love knowledge very much and I want to have more of it. Now I heard that there are many Sufis who get knowledge (Islamic and worldly) from Allah (SWT) directly without reading or writing. Allah (SWT) put the knowledge directly in their heads. Now my questions are as follows: (1) What can I do to become the most intelligent person in the world? (2) What can I do to get knowledge directly from Allah (SWT) like the Sufis? Is there any tasawwuf Ilm behind their skill? What kind of tasawwuf is it? How can we get this Ilm? (3) I am very interested in physics and I want to know everything about it and I want to become the most intelligent physician in the world. What can I do to reach my goal in life? I really would do everything to get this knowledge. Is there any dua or other way to reach that goal? I asked my Imam this question; but he did not answer my question very clearly. He just told me the stories of the Sufis who get that knowledge. Dear brothers! Please don’t ignore my question. This desire is one of my biggest desires and I really want to have this question get answered. It would hurt me very deep if you did not answer my question clearly.

Please answer the following questions in the light of the holy Quran and Hadith. (1) A couple is residing in a foreign country for the past 10 years without any problems. Recently in-laws (husband’s parents) went on visitor’s visa and stayed for 3 months there. Father and mother of the husband started dominating the daughter-in-law by taking control of the kitchen etc., instigating the son against his wife and always try to dilute and degrade the wife proving that she is fit for nothing. But in reality it is other way round. Most of the times, the husband has supported his wife and this irritates the in-laws very much. Indirectly they used to pass degrading comments in the absence of their son. In short, they want to take overall control of the house/wealth and everything and expect the wife to be a maid though the wife is highly qualified and a house-wife looking after her small son. Now they are in India but again trying hard to visit that country again and may cause these problems. In fact they are trying to stay permanently in that place. Please let me know what are the directions of Allah and His beloved Prophet (May peace and Allah’s blessings be upon him) for such type of in-laws. (2) How much husband’s parents (in-laws) interference is allowed in the relationship of wife and husband in Islam? (3) They prevent their son to sleep with wife and misguide him giving the reason that since he is a surgeon, he needs complete rest and sound sleep. So, wife and son sleep in one room and husband in another. They openly oppose them to sleep together. Even during day time they try not to allow them to be together for more than half an hour. With one reason or other the mother will enter their room like giving her son cut fruits, taking the baby outside or sometimes the wife observed the mother will be standing outside the room listening to their conversation. She thinks the wife may instigate her husband against them. In the light of the Holy Quran and Hadith, please let me know what is the fate of such parents after their death? What is the right of wife in this case? Are in-laws doing right by preventing husband and wife from being together? (4) The son feels he has to obey everything whatever his parents say and feels he will be committing a sin if does not obey them especially matters like money, wife, purchase of properties etc. Is it obligatory for a son to obey every word of his parents especially when dealing with his wife and kids? (5) Does the son’s house and wealth belong only to his parents? Does wife has any right over husband’s house and wealth.

I am working as a draftsman in Construction Company but started working as a Quantity Surveyor (Q.S.) also as I gained experience and as a Q.S. I am instructed by my superiors to claim extra money from the project owner for variation order (VO) works (which is addition, modification or deletion to actual contract) (i.e. for some addition or modification work if Rs 100 is actual cost I am instructed to make it Rs 150 and for some work which need to be deleted from company contract and its value is Rs 100 I am instructed to show only Rs 50), I have told my superiors not to give me such work and it is haram to take money like this, but I am still given such types of work. (1) I want to know that is my salary halal, as I am doing drafting work also and till date I have not got anything extra from the company for doing this VO work (except my monthly salary and yearly increment. (2) Is the yearly increment which I got till date halal? (3) Shall I keep on working in the company or look for another job?

I got married in 2008, and have a 3.5 years daughter issue between me and my wife is that she always scares me that she will call his father or will leave and go to her father’s place, I have one daughter of age 3.5 who is suffering from physical disability (cannot stand on leg), her treatment is going in Pune), wife had ran away to father’s place one month ago, along with my daughter. Now she had missed her treatment and in wife’s village no source of treatment is available. She has not given divorce yet, but father-in-law told will provide notice to me. Currently the daughter is with me and wife is at her father’s place. (1) What should I do in this case? (2) Will I get daughters custody, (3) Can she put up a legal notice for divorce through legal court. (I want to stay with her wife) and make my child stand on her legs).

Recently, our masjid here in Whitby, Ontario, Canada (Masjid-e-Ayesha, of which our family are the caretakers) made the decision to hold a second Jumuah prayer each Friday, due to a lack of space in the masjid. It is difficult or impossible to accommodate all the musallis on Fridays, especially during the cold winter months (as we cannot pray outdoors) and school holidays (when more children attend prayers) and so we felt this decision was necessary. It is quite commonplace in Canada, and several major masajid in our area hold a second (and even a third) Friday prayer. One of our local imams, who is an Alim and highly respected within the community, announced at the most recent Friday prayer during his bayan that there is no place in Shariah for more than one Jumuah prayer, and emphatically stated he would boycott the 2nd prayer. Our question is: Is it permissible to hold a second Friday prayer under any circumstances, and do our circumstances make it permissible? We recognize a solution would be to build another masjid nearby, or extend the existing facilities, but that may take several more years. In the meantime, our imam may have left musallis with the impression that their Jumuah salah would not be valid if they attend the second prayer. Also, is it common practice in South Africa to hold a second Friday prayer where there is insufficient space? Our imam made the further claim that this was a uniquely North American phenomenon.

My question is about salah. Sometime when I am traveling in underground Rail Metro, and there is very short time of salah and it seems that I will miss my prayer and qaza. In Metro I cannot find Qiblah direction as well no water available for wudhu. The journey is long enough to look like I might qaza when traveling in underground metro and in plane too. How I pray salah? My second part of the question is about position in plane and metro we cannot sit in proper salah position. Please answer me. Can I pray salah on the seat of metro (underground rail), and on the seat while traveling in plane without wudhu with tayammum or go for qaza of salah. Please reply I am so confused in this matter.

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