I recite about 100x the surah fatiha and sleep. Then I have a dream. I am in Kabah for Umrah, all people have done tawaf, and I am the last one. I intentionally wanted to be the last one so I could get closer to the Kabah. The Kabah does not have the ghilaf (black chuddar) on it. Also, most people have come for Umrah after paying money, whilst I did not pay a single cent, I think even my fare was paid by someone else. My wife is also there but I did not see her. During tawaf, I recite Ya Allah repeatedly. Whilst doing tawaf, I wake up. I go to the toilet then come to sleep again. My second dream is I am in a small white car with a relative as the driver and we going downhill on a neat road. Near bottom, another vehicle thinks we are racing and decides to go ahead of us, we let them go, a few seconds later they crash. We go past the crash site and stop. Other vehicles are there, even the police. I see injured lady, no sign of husband (driver) and another person head lying on ground.

Mufti sahib I am studying at a college in NCR region and also I am linked to this prestigious work of dawah. Recently I went for 2 days jamah of students to a nearby mosque which is been surrounded by a graveyard and there a while sleeping at night I saw a dream that we all standing outside the mosque and suddenly jinn come there we cannot see them but feel their presence and suddenly I started reciting the last three surah of the holy Quran and when I reached at Allazi Uwas wisu fi sudurin nas, somebody said to me that do not recite minal jinnati wannaas. I also felt somebody’s leg is touching my leg and it was just like a thin log of wood.

I am a college student. Some months ago I had dream about akhirat. In my dream I was died by some reasons and my soul went to akhirat. The place was like a masjid. In my left there were some persons living happily and my judgment is shown in big screen. It is declared as hell. I was screaming and one person stand in front of me. I do not know who he is. I thought he is Allah. I went close to him and said that Ya Allah I want to do more amal in that world. I want to do etikaf, sadaqah and more and more amal but in my dream also I had never thought that I will die soon so please forgive me Ya Allah. No reply came from that person. Then I ask how many days I have to suffer. He said seven years. I screamed again and said I cannot tolerate Ya Allah. Then after a smile he said one month. That suffering also thrice per day so I went to world again and said to my friends that akhirat is true. Allah is true. So please do amal then I went to akhirah. When I woke up Fajr azan started.

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